Rental real estate contract in Malaysia

The condominiums we introduce vary from low-priced properties to high-priced properties, but basically they are equipped with a 24-hour security system, so you can live a comfortable life.

The condominiums we introduce have the same facilities as resort condominiums.
Even small condominiums have pools and gyms, and are generally equipped with tennis courts, table tennis courts, etc., so you can use them at any time you like.
Large condominiums have a pool and gym, as well as a sauna, squash court and free Wi-Fi environment. There is also a karaoke room and a yoga room. In addition, there are many condominiums where the lower floors are high-end shopping malls, and there is no problem with shopping at such properties.

In Japan, rental condominiums with such facilities cost slightly over 100,000 yen, but in Malaysia, rental properties are very cheap, around RM1,500-4,500 (41,000-123,000 yen).
Rooms are 3LDK, 4LDK class and should not be based on Japanese size. Even if it is small, it is 100 m2 (30 tatami mats), but the basic one for Japanese families living in Japan is about 150 m2 (45 tatami mats).
Most condominiums are equipped with sofas, dining sets, beds, bedding, lighting, curtains, TVs, DVD players, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. as standard equipment so that you can live immediately. is. Of course, some rooms are not equipped, so please let us know in advance if you would like to arrange your own furniture.

We promise to have a comfortable Penang life.
Please feel free to contact us.

Estimated cost at the time of contract (long-term contract)

  • Security deposit (for 2 months rent)
  • Utility fee deposit (1 month rent)
  • Brokerage fee (1 month rent)
  • Government tax (6% of brokerage fee)
  • Stamp duty (10% of rent for one month)

And so on.

How to rent an office in Penang

When renting an office in Penang, the procedure for making a contract is the same as when renting a general property, but the deposit is generally higher than for a general property.
First of all, please tell us your budget. We will introduce as many properties as possible with the location conditions that meet your needs.

Small office (46㎡-185㎡) Rent: RM1,500-RM4,000
Large office (185㎡-929㎡) Rent: RM4,000-RM25,000

Recently, SOHO type (Virtual Office Rental) is popular.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like a virtual office.




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