Q1.I would like to rent a condominium in Penang for a long time. Please tell me the necessary documents and budget.

A.A passport is required for foreign contracts.
At the time of contract, in addition to the previous rent
●Security deposit (for 2 months rent)
●Utility fee deposit (1 month rent)
●Brokerage fee (1 month rent)
●Government tax (6% of brokerage fee)
●Stamp duty (10% of rent for one month)
And so on.
(The security deposit and utility fee deposit will be refunded when you move out if there is no damage or delinquency.)
The amount of rent varies depending on the contract period, so please contact us directly for details.

Q2.Is it possible to preview the property?

A.We can organize a condominium preview tour if you tell us the property conditions you want to contract with the desired preview schedule.
If you do not make a contract only for preview, you will be charged 200 ringgit.

Q3.would like to rent a furnished room. How much does it cost to rent?

A.Long-term contracts (1 year or more) start at around 1,500 ringgit.
If you wish to have a short-term contract, the price will be around RM2,500.
It depends on the area and age.

Q4.What should I do to pay the rent and utilities when I make a property contract?

A.Basically, the contractor is responsible for the payment.
It depends on the owner, such as transferring it to the owner's bank account or handing it in cash.
You can pay the utility bill by going directly to the POS, etc., or you can pay by internet banking.




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