Showed me many wonderful properties

I got to know Jenny while I was looking for a place on Penang Island. My dream was to live in a World Heritage city.
I wanted a reasonably priced property with a view of the sea, a supermarket around it, convenient for shopping, lots of nearby dining options, pool, gym, and a rent of around 60,000 yen. Jenny had suggested more than a dozen properties until we found the right one.
They were such amazing places that I had a hard time choosing them.
She also helped me negotiate a discount for my rent, along with furniture installment.
I believe everyone who comes across Jenny will find the best place for them.

System engineer Y

Thank you for your flexible and quick response

A friend of mine introduced me to Jenny, and immediately she searched for some properties.
I've been having trouble looking for a quiet, affordable room until I got some great advice from Jenny. The owner was also very kind, and I could rest assured when Jenny was the mediator.
Even if I was worried about the facilities in the room, I was able to consult her immediately and get a response.
She has connections with both Japanese and Malaysian culture and has a wide range of experience.
I'm really glad that I contacted Jenny.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Housewife A

I am confident in her

I was looking for a room where I could stay in Penang for a long time with my wife, but I didn't know how to find it or where to start, so an acquaintance introduced me to Jenny.
When I asked for detailed specifications such as rent, location, conditions for furniture and home appliances, she was very helpful and found a room that met those conditions.
My wife also likes it because things like shopping departments and hospitals are nearby.
We were also worried about language problems, but she is exceptionally great in Japanese, so she could understand us well.
Her kind and friendly personality is also great.
When I was having trouble due to a water leak in my house, I was able to consult with her.
Thank you for your kindness. I look forward to working with you.

Mr. O




3, Jalan Raja Gopal, Georgetown,
10350 Penang, Malaysia.